The best of Montreal

Rameez S.  

Rameez has a knack for breaking down complicated concepts in to simple steps that have made him very popular with students over the years. He has a genuine passion for teaching that is undeniable to anyone that has attended his sessions. With over 8 years of experience in private tutoring, weekly groups and crash courses, he can cater to the needs of virtually all types of students. Don’t believe us? Ask your friends!

Background: Bachelors in Commerce  

Rameez is one of the best tutors I’ve ever had. I took him for Econ 201, Econ 203 and Comm 220. I wish my professors could explain subject matter as simply as he does!”        – Emma

“Rameez makes economics fun! He is able to add humor to his classes, which make even the duller parts of the course interesting. Thanks for saving my butt!” – Tania    

Rafae S. 

Rafae is an energetic instructor who prides himself on simplifying complex material in order to maximize exam performance for students. With 7+ years of tutoring experience, he is able to explain important conceptual tricks through a step by step process that allows students to make exam preparation as efficient as possible. He loves seeing students’ confidence grow as they excel through the course of the semester.

Background: Undergraduate in Accounting and Finance, MBA   

I took Comm 308 with Rafae and definitely did not regret it. Finance is definitely not my forte but thanks to Rafae I was able to get an A on my midterm and hopefully the same for the final!” – Hussein

“Rafae is the best! He helped me ace my Comm 305 and Comm 217 exams like a breeze. I hope he starts tutoring more accounting classes.” – Carl

“I have taken Rafae and Rameez for virtually all of my semesters at JMSB. Having tried multiple tutoring companies, I can safely say that Ace It is by far the best value for money.” – Hannah